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We appreciate the time you invested reading about us and our services.  We know this may sometimes be a stressful decision when determining an attorney that you not only trust, but can understand and get along with.  Gary explains things very simply.  He knows how to provide examples you can relate to, and he is upfront and honest.  Sign up for a free consultation and find out for yourself. 

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Gary F. Allen Attorney At Law in Northville

Gary F. Allen, Attorney At Law

41700 Six Mile Rd, Suite 102, Northville MI 48168 US


We are 1.5 miles west of I-275 and 1.5 miles east of Sheldon Road.  The entrance is just west of Winchester Road (traffic light present) on the north side.  At the entrance, there is a large flag pole and a brick sign that says “Northwood Corporate Park.”  When you turn right into complex, make an immediate right turn into the parking area.  There is a sidewalk with a handrail leading up to the entrance.  You cannot see the building address from your car (the trees block it.)

Phone:     (248) 912-6840

E-mail: gary@gfalawfirm.com

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